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Once upon a

time in a far, far

away land called

California, lived a

very young girl

named Joan.  Now

Joan spent many often hours dreaming of very distant lands and places of mystery and delight, and yearned to visit these distant places found only on maps and in picture books.  Then one day Joan’s mother came to her and said, “Let us travel to Grandmother’s house for a short visit today.”  How exciting thought Joan, and off they went to far away Monterey, about 15 miles distant.  AND so the stories go on and on, and so do Joan’s dreams of distant Lands.

Now when Joan was just about six years of age, her mother handed her a bright and shiny small black box, with the explanation of, ”Take a picture of your father, Grandmother and me.”  Now this was the very first time Joan had ever been allowed to even touch the shiny new box camera, and as all three gathered in front of Joan, she excitedly peered down into a small hole in the shiny new camera to see the beautiful picture reflected in front of her, she then snapped the picture.    So began Joan’s career in the art of photography. 

True story ..........   Still have that picture, someplace.

Joan is now single and retired with 50 full time years of professional broadcast and film camera experience.  She has two grown and very beautiful children, and still not only dreams of far away lands, but has indeed visited most all of them.  Around and all over this planet we now call Earth, camera in hand has traveled Joan.

Please enjoy the pictures I have laid out on the following pages as they represent just a few of the places my camera and I have often traveled. 

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